The FAQ custom post type doesn't include any special options at this time.
Add FAQ's as you would a normal post. Use the FAQ shortcode to add these FAQ posts to your page.
The FAQ custom post type can be turned off in the plugin admin panel.
If it is turned on, it will be visible in the WordPress left menu.

Options Screenshot


Options Attributes

External Link If you want the FAQ to link to a new page rather than expanding the collapsible when clicked,
enter a URL to the page that you want.
External Link Target blank - Opens the link in a new window or tab (this is default)
self - Opens the link in the same frame as it was clicked
parent - Opens the link in the parent frame
top - Opens the link in the full body of the window
Title Border Border around the title
Content Border Border around the content
Expand Icon see list below
Collapse Icon see list below
Icon Size 1


When manually adding/editing the shortcode, exclude the 'icon-' part of the type (ex. 'icon-glass' becomes 'glass')