Places filler text or images on a page. This shortcode is helpful for design purposes.






AttributeTypeDialog TitleDescriptionDefaultAvailable Values
typedropdownTypetexttext - Text
image - image
listtextList Items
paragraph_separatordropdownParagraph Separatorpbr - Break
p - Paragraph
span - Span
start_with_loremcheckboxStart with Lorem11 = true, 0 = false
is_titlecheckboxIs Title1 = true, 0 = false
widthtextWidthmax 1920400
heighttextHeightmax 1920250
grayscalecheckboxGrayscale1 = true, 0 = false
categorydropdownCategory - Random
abstract - Abstract
animals - Animals
business - Business
cats - Cats
city - City
food - Food
nature - Nature
people - People
sports - Sports
technics - Technics
transport - Transport
aligndropdownAlign -
left - Left
right - Right
middle - Middle
top - Top
bottom - Bottom

Use of Images

The filler photos are from and are licensed under the creative commons license (CC BY-SA). The license information, as stated on lorempixel, is as follows.

The provided images are for layout purposes and each image we use for this project is released under the creative commons license (CC BY-SA). For more information visit

So, if you want to use the images for more than just layouts, you have to double check the license and ask the author. For this we will link to each photographer's flickr page. Furthermore, we assume no liability.

We also assume no liability. Make sure to check with the image author which can be found on


[intense_filler type="image" width="1200" height="500" /]

<h1>[intense_filler words="5" is_title="1" /]</h1>

[intense_lead][intense_filler paragraphs="1" paragraph_separator="br" /][/intense_lead][intense_filler type="image" width="200" height="200" grayscale="1" category="nature" align="right" /]
[intense_filler paragraphs="5" start_with_lorem="0" /]
[intense_filler list="7" start_with_lorem="0" /]
[intense_hr size="large" shadow="2"]
<h2>[intense_filler words="4" is_title="1" start_with_lorem="0" /]</h2>
[intense_filler type="image" width="200" height="200" grayscale="1" category="technics" align="left" /]
[intense_filler paragraphs="4" start_with_lorem="0" /]
[intense_hr size="large" shadow="2"]
<h2>[intense_filler words="4" is_title="1" start_with_lorem="0" /]</h2>
[intense_filler list="3" start_with_lorem="0" /]
[intense_filler paragraphs="1" start_with_lorem="1" /]
[intense_filler bytes="300" start_with_lorem="0" /]