What Are Intense Snippets?

Intense snippets are bits of content that can be reused on pages and posts. They can be added using the snippet shortcode or the content can be placed directly on the page using the snippet button.

Snippets Button
Snippets Menu

Snippets can be added/updated/removed from the WordPress admin pages or saved as files on disk.

Where Are They?

Intense snippets can exist in four different locations:

  • Saved within WordPress - these snippets are added/updated/and removed via the WordPress admin pages. They are saved within the WordPress database.
  • The plugin - in the snippets folder within the plugin's main folder. THESE SHOULD NEVER BE CHANGED
  • The theme - in the intense/snippets folder within the theme's main folder.
  • The child theme - in the intense/snippets folder within the child theme's main folder.

The plugin will look for file snippets in the following order: the child theme, the theme, the plugin.

The download for this plugin includes a folder intense/snippets which is a copy of the default snippets found in the plugin folder.

How Do I Change Them?

To change the snippets, copy the folder from the download to your child theme's or theme's main folder. At that point, you can edit the files and the plugin will use your edited version instead of the default version.

Can I Add My Own?

One way to add snippets is through the snippets admin page. You can add snippets like you would any regular post or page.

Snippets Menu

You can add your own snippet files within the snippet folders. The file should include a header in the following format:

Intense Snippet Name: [YOUR SNIPPET NAME HERE]

You can also create directories to organize the snippets. Directories should not be more than one level deep.

What If I Need to Upgrade My Theme?

When you upgrade your theme, backup the snippets folder to a safe location. After upgrading, if the snippet folder was removed, replace the snippets from your backup.

Which Snippets Are Available By Default?

By default, we have included snippets for our example pages. The library of snippets will continue to grow to include more snippets to help you more quickly build your site.