The Device Mockups shortcode allows you to create a mobile device, tablet, or browser mockup. This shortcode is used in conjunction with the Device Mockups WordPress plugin. The Device Mockups plugin needs to be installed for these shortcodes to work.



AttributeTypeDialog TitleDescriptionDefaultAvailable Values
idtextIDoptional - used to set the client-side ID
classtextCSS Class


AttributeTypeDialog TitleDescriptionDefaultAvailable Values
typedropdownType -
iphone6 - iPhone 6
iphone6-plus - iPhone 6 Plus
iphone5s - iPhone 5s
iphone5 - iPhone 5
ipad - iPad
macbook - Macbook Pro
imac - iMac
s3 - Gallaxy S3
nexus7 - Nexus 7
surface - Surface
lumia920 - Lumia 920
chrome - Chrome
firefox - Firefox
safari - Safari
positiondropdownPositioncenter - Center
left - Left
right - Right
colordropdownColorblack - Black
white - White
gold - Gold
orientationdropdownOrientationportrait - Portrait
landscape - Landscape
linktextLinkURL, post ID, or page ID to direct the user to when clicked


[intense_device_mockup type="imac" position="center" color="black" orientation="landscape"]
[intense_animated_image type="scrollup" image="3172" size="large1600" anchor="top" height="100%" speed="1500"]
[intense_device_mockup type="iphone6" position="left" color="black" orientation="landscape" link="test"]
[intense_image image="3108" title="bridge11"]