The overlay shortcode is used to add an overlay that will show when the user hovers over the image. You can add your own content to show as part of the overlay. Some examples of content you could add include: icons, buttons, text, etc.


AttributeTypeDialog TitleDescriptionDefaultAvailable Values
idtextIDoptional - used to set the client-side ID
imageimageImageenter a WordPress attachment ID or a URLWordPress ID or any URL
image_sizeimage_sizeImage Sizefull
split_titlecheckboxSplit Titlesplits the title and bolds part11 = true, 0 = false
linktextLinkURL, post ID, or page ID to direct the user to when clicked
subtleeffectdropdownSubtle Effect -
apollo - Apollo
bubba - Bubba
chico - Chico
dexter - Dexter
duke - Duke
goliath - Goliath
hera - Hera
honey - Honey
jazz - Jazz
julia - Julia
kira - Kira
layla - Layla
lily - Lily
marley - Marley
milo - Milo
ming - Ming
moses - Moses
oscar - Oscar
phoebe - Phoebe
romeo - Romeo
roxy - Roxy
ruby - Ruby
sadie - Sadie
sarah - Sarah
selena - Selena
steve - Steve
terry - Terry
winston - Winston
zoe - Zoe
classtextCSS Class


[intense_column size="4" medium_size="4" small_size="12" extra_small_size="12"]
[intense_overlay image="3172" image_size="medium500" title="Start Your Adventure" subtleeffect="apollo"]
<a href="#">[intense_icon source="metrize" type="arrow-curve-right" width="30" color="#fff"]</a> <a href="#">[intense_icon source="metrize" type="social-sharethis" width="30" color="#fff"]</a>
[intense_column size="4" medium_size="4" small_size="12" extra_small_size="12"]
[intense_overlay image="3106" image_size="medium500" subtleeffect="ruby"]
[intense_button link="#" border_radius="200px 200px 200px 200px"]
View More
[intense_column size="4" medium_size="4" small_size="12" extra_small_size="12"]
[intense_overlay image="2184" image_size="medium500" subtleeffect="sadie" title="Be More"]
Share with your friends
<a href="#">[intense_icon source="flat-social-multicolor" type="facebook" width="30"]</a> <a href="#">[intense_icon source="flat-social-multicolor" type="twitter" width="30"]</a> <a href="#">[intense_icon source="flat-social-multicolor" type="linkedin" width="30"]</a>